Tuesday, May 20, 2014

i've been hunting and dreaming and making, all this long, long winter

the world famous  "vintage with flair" show is next month, and i've been doing my thing,  getting ready for it.  get this.  me and g have 2 booths! double the booths=double the fun.

"bloomsbury cowgirl" is the theme for my booth in the hall.  all english and western at the same time. elegant and country. fine english silver with frayed denim,  flowers everywhere, and old leather. all inspired by the paintings of vanessa bell and duncan grant.  the writings of virginia woolf and oscar wilde.  all with beat up cowboy boots on.

in the tent we are introducing our new idea, called  "vintage makers supply".  it's all sorts of the little vintage-y bits and bobs to use to make new creations. trays of broken pocket watches, old spools, rusty hardware, game pieces,  stuff like that.

here's a few photos to tease you a little.  some things will be on offer at the show.  some are photos of my work space.  xxo

mark your calenders for Friday, June 20th 4-8, and Saturday June 21 9-4.  Priddis Community Hall


  1. My dear Sue.....congrats on all your good work. So very very proud of you. Pat pat pat pat :)

  2. Can hardly wait to see your .Fun Schtuff, and stylin ...!!!!

  3. great lineup !
    wishing you every success !


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