Sunday, March 30, 2014

some junky scoops were found on this snowy weekend

 well it looks like march is going out like a lion,  the thing is it came in like a lion too. 


so we said f**k it, let's put the RAV4 in all wheel drive and go hunting. 

 we hit a few out of the way thrift stores and then spoiled ourselves, and went to our favourite antique mall in calgary.  inside avenue antiques always seems to have something for anyone i have ever taken there.

 it has a real good mix of quality dealers, and they keep their booths fresh.
here's a question for my millions of followers.  i think that black and white bowl is a dean stanton, but i don't know if he has ever ventured into the ceramic world.  any "Calgary art" experts out there who could help me figure this out?

Inside Avenue doesn't have a web page, but they do have a blog.

we got the car, the design magazines, the plastic chinoiserie vases, the 45's, the big cracker tin (it holds my new/old vinyls perfectly), and those 2 asian ceiling tiles at the antique mall.  i'm doing up the guest room in a "collected chinoiserie style", so stay tuned for some progress there.

 that studio ceramic teapot was a thrifty scoop.  it is he palest aqua with a blush of pink.  i just love it.  we can't figure out it's mark, but we will.  my guess it is from the late 1980's.

i've also been gathering up vintage, grandma needlepoints which i'm using for some new creations. they will be special,  just  for the Vintage With Flair show in june.

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  1. I'm sure you have your answer by now, my reply is years later, but that is a Stanton piece. I have one similar given to me by Dean.


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