Friday, May 15, 2015

remember last weekend when we had a junkilicious sale?

last friday and saturday we had our second sale in our newly fixed up, repaired and beautified workshop/art barn.

the friday night was lovely, with lots of creekers making an appearance, and a few of my favourite calgary people too!

i took a few photos before the friday night crush.

the wine for the "sip and shop" was in the safe.

those are authentic 1930's circus posters

mary the mirrorscope decided to dress as the "butterfly sergeant", so that was nice!

there was lots of fashion

lucy was looking a bit royal for the event

the suitcase corner

we also had lots of vintage, maker supplies on hand

the "silver lady" was showing her best wares

where else in bragg creek could you find, a meat grinder lamp, my home made flag made from a canadian military tent,  and a beautifully hand embroidered moroccan caftan?

it snowed a bunch on thursday night.  by noon it had melted, so i could bring out the flowers!

the next show is the biggest and best one.  June 19th and 20th,  the world famous Vintage With Flair, in Priddis, Ab.   Do come, it's a wonderful outing full of the best vintage, antiques and creative stuff!  Oh, and there is good country cooking too!


Monday, April 20, 2015

you're invited!

to our next junkilicious sale at our place.

friday may 8th, 4-8.  (it's a sip and shop, so that's nice)


saturday may 9th,  10-4

we'll tease you some photos and deets, closer to the day.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Cabin Fever Antique-y Vintage Sale

We're having our first sale in the newly fixed up Art Barn! 

Come for a visit and stay a while.

Saturday March 21rst.  10 -4
19 Spruce Ave, Bragg Creek, Ab.

Here's a few teasers of what's to come.

meet Miss Mary Mirroscope!

look at all dem retro fire king jadite mugs!

"king of the road"

check out the large, antique wooden trough bowl

lot's of vintage western and punky boots

breaker, breaker get over to sue's for retro team, letterman and cb radio jackets

yes, that is a giant catfish pillow next to an authentic 1940's U.S. Military jacket

more groovy boots, we probably have your size.

sale goes rain, snow or shine.  it's all cozy and comfy in the heated art barn.  plus we'll have hot apple cider and some treats for you too.  remember to wear your boots, it's a bit muddy out in the country.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

the art barn progress report

i felt like sharing a few photos of my BIGGEST project,  the "art barn" (working title, ha ha).  it's coming along, i keep getting distracted from finishing the walls and putting up shelves, because i start makin' stuff.

a "before" shot.  the whole project started with a badly leaky roof.  you know how the thinking goes, "while i have the guys here, let's do a few extra things"

it was the case of the "hey guys, i have an idea.  how about adding a sleeping porch while we're at it?" 

"and let's level out the crappy, lumpy cement floor" 
 i had to park my car in it for the one  and only time this garage had ever seen a car, since we've owned the property.  that's 22 years!
half of the garage actually had a drive in pit for car repairs, when the original owners filled it, they did a really bad job.

lot's of action that day. 

cutest cement truck ever

gotta love a silly concrete guy, right?

scary Terry

all hands on deck

ta da!  looking good Jim

these sheets of osb went on the ceiling.  do you know how hard it was for me to just roll on white?  to resist the urge to jazz 'em up?

here's the exterior as of today. roof is on, with skylights for lot's of natural light. the sleeping porch will be finished off in the late spring.  it has to "settle" before we can install the screened wall.  and of course we can't paint until the spring.

sleeping porch

                             a few current interior shots.  remember it's all a work in progress.

the jar wall, full of old, weird bits and bobs

the beginnings of the boot wall

note the turntable for old timey tunes

so, i added old touristy bead belts to the boot shelves.

still to come-
a giant work bench on castors
various power tools
 a cute little wood burning stove
a disco ball

more to follow