Tuesday, October 14, 2014

sweet country shopping in okotoks

a couple of weeks ago johnny b. good and i headed off to okotoks via the back roads.  it was a rainy, misty kind of day which makes for soft and saturated photos. 

"All Through The House", were hosting their infamous country fall market.  Their shop is fabulous on it's own, but when they invite their favourite pickers and dealers to set up on their property, well that makes for a REALLY fabulous day in the country.

weathered, chippy and rusty!  all my favourite colours, hee hee!

there was tons of delicious goodies everywhere

sunny miss bonnie, was looking so chic in her woolens!

simple country flowers are best

i got all sorts of goodies from this cutie 

they had a great turn out, despite/because of the weather

sparkley jan, had her booth full of her hand made vintage goodness.

these shoes were to small, otherwise they would have been MINE

sparkle jan hamming it up

these are the things i scooped that day

and here's what i did with the dried hydrangeas

i love them, they look great with the dried artichoke

and the school locker baskets hold my ribbons in my sewing room

2  vintage silver jewelry thingys made by 2 bragg creek makers

 the beautiful necklace was made by sue stevens of "Hot Rocks Glass Jewels"  just for me.  i supplied some sentimental bits and bobs and ta da, look what she created!   i absolutely love it soooo much. 

the silver ring was a spoon, it's the most comfortable thumb ring i've ever had.  marina, from "A Little Forked Up" makes a whole line of jewelry from vintage flatware.   also, best name EVER.

I love this time of year, there are so many country markets, antique shows and such.  Then it's Christmas market time.   Just a little reminder to save the date for  the The Vintage With Flair, Christmas Market.   It's THE BEST CHRISTMAS MARKET BECAUSE I"M IN IT!  

Saturday, November 8th,  Red Deer Lake Community Hall.

be there or be square,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

junk haul from "the prairie girls vintage market"

so, last saturday i shopped the most wonderful barn sale here in alberta.
 it was hosted by a sister team of "the vintage veranda" in cochrane, and the "olde farmhouse" in mapleridge, b.c.  these fab gals pulled off an amazing sale,  especially because it was their first.
retail is detail, and these babes get it.
there were all of my favourite local vendors in one place, plus a ton more i hadn't run into before.  i'm sorry i didn't take enough photos of all of the killer booth displays. i was just having such a good time visiting, shopping and taking it all in.
these kids turned it out!
between the setting, the displays, super product AND great dealers, it was heavenly. 

it was soo worth the drive, just a few minuted north of cochrane.  this is a barn that has never seen a horse!  it was built just for fancy functions such as this sale.  the whole property was just dreamy,  the view of those purple peaks were postcard worthy.

 shown here, we have a pair of vintage fluevog biker boots,  quality baskets, a moustache cup, a weird pot and a "mcguivered stool"

how about this for an eclectic mix?  a 1950's spanish doll house, moroccan slippers, and a 
sweet ol' wheelbarrow.

do not use this pot for turkey cooking for gosh sake!!!

as always, i wish you good hunting.  xxo

Monday, September 8, 2014

big fat thank you

I really want to thank all of you all who made their way out to little Bragg Creek, and come visit me at my little place in the woods.

 Friday was a blast!  A little wine, a little junk, all mixed together on  one of the last summer nights of 2014.

 The beautiful models showed up, to show off the vintage sari's.  and we're not sari!  for the pun, 
ha ha!

 some retro guy stuff

 kitschy kitchen goodness

the doors are open 

 LOVE your new necklace Cat!

 Mozart is looking good.

 The fashion was flying out da' door.

 Gold and gold is good.

 Come on in.

 Cash desk, showing off the domes, cloches, bell jars made by MOI.

 Grecian goodness

My lifelong thermos collection was up for grabs.

So, again, I appreciate you all who were able to come out, and you who couldn't make it.  Keep in mind the next sale I'm showing at is "The Christmas Market, hosted by Vintage with Flair"  November 8th, 2014.  Me and G are working on a whole new concept, so stay tuned!


Monday, September 1, 2014

guess what? it's time to come to my house and buy good junk


2 day sale
friday, september 5th, 4-8
saturday, september 6th, 11-4


it's time for the 427th annual,
big ol' sale at my little cabin in the woods.

there is a vast selection of
kitschy kitchen
antique primitives
textiles and linens galore
vintage cowboy boots
hand embellished denim jackets
old luggage
shabby chic
old silver
guy stuff
retro kitschy
arty domes and cloches

and lots more

rain or shine

cash or cheques only

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

junk haul, tofino in july

the fam jam spent a lovely few weeks on the stunning west coast of vancouver island, b.c.  we rented a house on chesterman beach, and it was the bestest.  tofino is a small coastal town at the very end of the trans canada highway.  there wasn't much for junking there, unless you count excellent beach combing

 which i do!

there was one little curiosity shop called "vargas treasures".  it was a trip!  it's owned and operated by a sweet, wee french gypsy.  sandra vargas has led quite the life, her father was a well known costume designer in montreal, she was a magicians assistant.  a real character!  her shop is tiny and packed to the brim, everything beautifully displayed, and her jewelry showcases are to die for!  the thing was, as you walked in, there is no lights, really.  she doesn't turn the lights on for whatever reason.  but she cheerily hands you your own flashlight.  hilarious.  me and g had our noses pressed against the showcases for so long, sandra finally said, my hip is too sore to bend over, why don't you help yourself!  so g, played store and carefully pulled stuff out for me and the other customers, what a hoot. needless to say we both scooped up a few things, and went back later in our trip for more.

beach junk

me and g's "tripawd" riley,  getting crabbies and shells and feathers

my head's still there...sigh

Monday, June 23, 2014

wow, what a great weekend

it was a long, long, long winter around here, but we made it through and we got to celebrate the arrival of summertime at the "Vintage With Flair" show this past weekend.  and for once we were selling, not buying, hee hee!

the sun shone for the 2 days of vintage shopping fun in the charming tiny hamlet of Priddis, Alberta.  it is the most beautiful, lush, country setting.  the show and sale was a great success for all.  g and i had 2 booths, one in the hall and one in the giant tent.  we sold a ton of great junk and re connected with some old friends and customers.  plus made a few new ones.  here's a few photos of our stuff.  if you would like to see more photos of the whole show check out "Vintage With Flair" FB page and their blog.

                                   metal trunk with applied needlepoint, says it all really

antique english silver, leather hat box with applied needlepoint

g and j hand painted this old door, in the bloomsbury style. it would make a great headboard or table top.

antique indian, nickle samovar

where is my mind?

ralph & shep

billie joe momento

tool box with applied needle point

the altar to fabulous boots

my favourite suitcase, it's an antique leather which I added the horsie needlepoint.

terra cotta baby

groovy embroidered, patchwork denim jacket

antique glass negatives applied to a terrarium, "the dandys"

victorian needlepoint/mahogany footstools, for the fireside.

antique brass, english, military door stops

my "world famous" (in my mind), embellished memory bottles

art nouveau claret bottle, with skully

honeycomb and wasps nest

detail of embroidered denim jacket

more vintage suitcases, all fixed up with needlepoint.  so pretty.

tray with more needlepoint!

it's all about the attitude and flower boots, for the high fashion look

in the tent

the wheel barrow was snapped up immediately! such a smart customer

handmade shades from barkcloth

muffin watches

button bling


you are a winner!


g and j made this

my pretty pony at the entrance

pastels everywhere at the entrance

i have no words! xxo