Sunday, June 1, 2014

junk haul from the weekend

saturday was a beautiful day to do a little junking.  g and i were lucky enough to be invited to a private estate sale in the country.  then in the afternoon, we hit the our favourite hillhurst/sunnyside antique market.  nice and close and just the right size.  lot's of friendly dealers and some good scoops.  it was a really good day.

no clowning around!  he's a sprinkler! ha ha

it's an old trophy that somebody already modified for me

the red stick thingy is my favourite scoop of the day.  it's a foldable 12' survey stick from the mines.  it has beautiful solid brass fittings.

don't forget about my biggest sale of the year.  
Vintage With Flair,
 Friday, June 20th  4-8
Saturday, June 21st 9-4

at the Priddis Community Hall

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