Thursday, January 30, 2014

portlandia and vangroovy, a most excellent junky road trip

me and g decided to escape the unrelenting snow and trade it in for some rain.  the joke was on us, because the weather was stellar in vancouver AND portland.  so we are pretty proud of ourselves, hee hee!

downtown vangroovy-day one

day one, the haul

chicken loafers, a brass heart ring, and polaroids of random vintage babes.  all found on granville st.

day 2
just had to show off my georgia's beautiful springy hair-do!

day 3
we walked down richards st., to gastown, and we stumbled upon this little treasure box of a shop, called doda antiques.  it is a most excellent collection of glass, ceramics and jewelry.  we each bought a piece from a vancouver artist Phresha.  note the spray can, in the photo with the big scissors.

salmagundi is a long time favourite of mine.  i always find something there, usually it is weird.  i got the vintage, indian made,  large tailors scissors there.

interior of DODA

the famous drawers, in the slightly spooky basement of salmagundi

day 3, the haul

more random photos of babes, the spray bottle art by Phresha.  the fine original pen and ink was purchased at doda.

you pervs better obey!

portland day one
it was a sunny gorgeous day, perfect for exploring the avenues nick named, "trendy first, trendy second and trendy third"  lot's of really girly type shops, it was heavenly.

a magical shoe store, with lot's of junky props used to display the shoes.

 a freshly caught and caged new green shoe!

 the bestest junky shop that day was "pop up shoppe"

 we found the cutest chocolate shop, to have a sit down and a gourmet hot cocoa, and we got to sit with the famous "tartar sauce", aka grumpy cat.

the wall paper at our hotel was soooooo "portlandia".  i couldn't resist a silly photo.

i bought this wonky snail toy at pop up shoppe, he's hanging out with the table lamp at the hotel.  guess what?  it's a bird lamp.

day 2
the monticello antique marketplace is well worth the big cab ride from downtown. a true destination, with a delicious cafe in the mall.  the displays that these dealers had, in each stall, were so wonderfully inspiring, and needless to say g and i had to mail a box home, as we couldn't fit all our scoops in our suitcases.

 dat soda bottle!

 love the name

do you think the junk salvation people are friends with the repent antiques people?

i counted about 10 killer neon signs!

 how many antique shops have you been to, that have a real lemon tree GROWING inside it?  i mean, come on!

also, this.  

 i bought the darling victorian portrait album.

 dat light!

portland haul #2
the box of special junk i mailed to me, from portland, arrived.

if you just looked at this shot you would think we went to asia!
poly chromed asian corbels-try saying that 3 times, fast.

a turquoise circus horsie, he is sitting in front of an "andy warhol" perrier bottle

needless to say, the pink, french, kitty candy box belongs to g, as well as the teeth x-rays.
artists are weird.

so, our cabbie on the way back to the hotel, mentioned that there are towns surrounding portland that grow and make their own wine, AND have lot's of fab antique shops.  stay tuned 'cause i'm buying a van and heading back in may!

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