Thursday, October 3, 2013

pickin' in the country this weekend

my co-junkers make wonderful models and furniture movers.  they were the prettiest furniture movers at the show by far.

so we had a beautiful fallish, country weekend.  it was sunny and crisp  with lot's of alberta blue.

saturday was all about beautiful okotoks.

at the crack of "noon-ish" we hit the  "all through the house fall market".  they invited some of our favourite junkers and makers to set up in their courtyard and it all looked so great.  we found some really cute things from pam "the vintage with flair" lady

our co-junker, leslie scooped up the most darling slipper chair slipcovered in a pretty barkcloth, for her vanity, from  bonnie and teresa  "a vintage affair"

my favourite find was the suitcase table from the cool folks at  "rescued  by design".  g spotted it for me, it is just the right thing for an end table in my lounge.  the suitcase was used to contain an airplane respirator,  it says  Scott Demand Respirator,  NY.  so that's all good.

g picked up a retro clothes hamper for $5.00!  she's going to spray it pink, and use it for her recycling in her atomic kitchen.

the groovy gals "at all through the house", had their shop filled to the brim and it looked just great!  i finally found the perfect mailbox. a nice touch was the beautiful fiddle music being played a couple of real cuties.

after that is was time for some fancy schmancy fashion shopping in the old part of okotoks.  "on a lark" is the sweetest little shop filled with antiques and killer fashion!   i splurged on a linen coat.  then across the street we go to  "ginger laurier".  leslie picked up a pair of smexy camo jeans, that fit her like they were custom made!

then it was time for dunch a "heartland", the most wonderful eating spot,  located in  an  antique church.

we finished dunch in time for a quick whirl around the most impressive "cozy cottage".  i picked some van- gough chalk paint.  g got a most heavenly candle,  it looks and smells like a real cake!  she also got a bullet bottle opener for her guy. oh, and i picked up some bubble bath,  so that just shows what kind of wonderful variety miss laura budd has on offer at her shop. 


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  1. It sounds like a super day was had by all. Love the "finds" too. Clever girls!


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