Saturday, November 2, 2013

pre-demolition salvage and art sale at the king edward school

so, last weekend we went junkin' somewhere we have never hunted before.  it was a pre-demolition, junk sale and art auction.

here's the scoop.  the king edward school in calgary is being converted to a fabulous "art hub".  most of the school was built in the 1920's, but there is an addition was built in the 1950's, that section is being torn down.  the organizer's had some of the old school equipment to sell, and they also offered some nice original art for auction, with partial proceeds going toward's this new hub situation.

me and g had to go!

i picked up a couple of goodies.  the winter carnival queen trophy for the 1950's, some rifle safety and procedure posters for the '50's.  they actually had a gun range in the school at one point.  and a really cool mix media piece by one of my favourite calgarian artists, dean stanton.

you would think that would be enough, but you would be incorrect.  my lovely daughter decided to wander off, cross the "do not enter" tape and go exploring through the abandoned school.  it was so great.  a month previous, they had held a pre-demo art installation.  it's when a group of artists are handed a building, and are encouraged to create wonderfully arty spaces.  we got a private viewing of what was left of these amazing classrooms and even the boys washroom (georgia's favourite)

the boys room

this was my favourite classroom,  there were a few paintings on the ceiling tiles.  i picked my fav and was able to purchase it!  imagine that,  it's the best thing i got at that sale for sure.

here's my haul from friday and saturday

good scoops were abounding last weekend!  xxo


  1. What a super find, Sue and G. How wonderful that they are using this site for the Arts. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    Also.....imagine the uproar if anyone tried to build a gun range in a school today. :)

  2. guess who made the gun "how to" posters, the NRA!


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