Sunday, September 29, 2013

bats in the bunky!

yeah, so, while i have having a lovely time putzing around the yard and getting the bunky ready for visitors on the weekend, i nearly had a heart attack!

a bat, a little brown bat, hanging off the inside of the screen door.  that poor little thing made me scream and run, eeeeks and meeeeps!

once my heart rate got back down, and after a quick analytical discussion on fb, with g.  it was decided i should check and see if it was sleeping, or in fact dead.  and i must keep the dogs and tre away, just in case it had rabies.
and g wanted me to send a photo.  sure, it's easy to be brave when you're an hour away.

so the wee thing was quit dead.  my immediate strategy was too just lean a piece of tin against the door and walk away.  the land of denial is a good place to be.

until the local BATMAN comes over to deal with all of this, the bunky is closed!


  1. Has the local batman cometh? Need a followup on this. The little critter performed a great service in eating up any and all mosquitos though.

  2. Love your sketch of the bunky by the way


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