Thursday, April 29, 2010

good junk, antiques and nancy in nanton

me and nancy(the former queen of junk revival, she made rusty barbwire hip!)spent a good day out in the funky little town of nanton, alberta.  it's 2nd best antique town in alberta, i count edmonton as the best(sorry calgary).
before we got nanton we did a fly-by to okotoks, and stopped in at on a lark(403- 995-0352)  they had some fabulous planters and shelves made out of authentic old ceiling tiles(from a guy in ontario) they don't have a website, but give them an old fashioned phone call and they can answer your queries.  they are very nice okotokians.

so nanton, lots of real antique stores there.  the gigantic sentimental journey  had a fantastic mix of fine, junk and refurbished stuff.  nancy and i got most excited over the castors found upstairs.  we share an unhealthy love of old castors. willow creek forge was great as usual, some fabulous antique dressers, even one that turns into a murphy bed.  how cool would that be in a new condo?

the world famous candy store in nanton, that would be enough for me, except, SURPRISE the back room is full of super good JUNK.  we left there with 4 flavours of licorice, a tootsie pop, and some chocolate. and lots of ideas for the quality junk, we dug through i the back. there was a new shop just getting set up, and some of the others weren't open during the week.  but we will be back in the summer.

  oh, try to visit michelle at inktiques, her shop is an original.  if you have a thing for old books, typewriters and anything wordy she's the gal for you. 

mmmmmmmmm milk paint, country antiques downstairs at on a lark                              
treasures on the deck at  on a lark, okotoks

                 beautiful finished chippy ceiling tile mirror, and                                                                                     pediment shelf

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