Sunday, May 2, 2010

calgary spring antique show

so it looks like april went out like a lion.  this photo is from my yard, taken april 28th, 2010.  i won't be spray painting my chairs this weekend.  so it's off to the calgary stampede spring antique show!  we went on sunday, searching for some fresh junk!  the best junkie booth belonged to doug.  and i am not reporting this because he was also the smexiest dealer there. check out the photo below, do you not agree?
notice the board with all the letters on it, at doug's feet?  well, it was my big purchase. at $65.00 it is a heck of a deal and i will have tons of fun with it. it is a 1930's movie theater sign board.  it was used by the movie theater manager to announce "now showing" or "what's playing next", stuff like that.
it was a small show, but there was 3 or 4 top quality jewelry booths. mike had excellent salvaged hardware as usual.  and eva had some amazing furniture from her homeland, sweden.. manoman, if i had a brick and mortar shop, i would have picked up some pieces from her. sorry i forgot to take some photos of her booth, we got busy chatting!

did you get to go?  did you get any scoops?

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