Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's a paint thang!

paint, that's my inspiration thang for april.
it almost happens like clockwork in this part of the world.  the snow finally lets up, (except for's dumping) and i'm seeing what house paint i have left over from last year.  i'm scheming, as to what i can spray. i'm thinking my junky, old green chairs need a spruce up, i have a set of lovely vintage carved sparrow book ends that need to be green.  an old box also needs to be green.
i have been having a blast painting the old hand tooled belts and bags i have been collecting.  some of the sized small belts are turning into dog collars.  that's the handsome joker modeling. i've started painting my jean jackets. free hand. they look great! it's a little bit hippy-dippy, a little bit cowgirl and a little bit gypsy. i love 'em. oh, and i've painted some of the sweet doilies that our local dog whisperer gave me. (thanks Jen!) i'll get some up on etsy.  i have to wait for the freak blizzard to stop, because i take the photos outside.   stay tuned.

i've found some fabulous stencils offered at  these etsy shops
stencil me brightly, and they are out of toronto! yeah canadian etsians

or how about this wonderful artist out of australia, rex and poppy.

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