Saturday, September 27, 2014

junk haul from "the prairie girls vintage market"

so, last saturday i shopped the most wonderful barn sale here in alberta.
 it was hosted by a sister team of "the vintage veranda" in cochrane, and the "olde farmhouse" in mapleridge, b.c.  these fab gals pulled off an amazing sale,  especially because it was their first.
retail is detail, and these babes get it.
there were all of my favourite local vendors in one place, plus a ton more i hadn't run into before.  i'm sorry i didn't take enough photos of all of the killer booth displays. i was just having such a good time visiting, shopping and taking it all in.
these kids turned it out!
between the setting, the displays, super product AND great dealers, it was heavenly. 

it was soo worth the drive, just a few minuted north of cochrane.  this is a barn that has never seen a horse!  it was built just for fancy functions such as this sale.  the whole property was just dreamy,  the view of those purple peaks were postcard worthy.

 shown here, we have a pair of vintage fluevog biker boots,  quality baskets, a moustache cup, a weird pot and a "mcguivered stool"

how about this for an eclectic mix?  a 1950's spanish doll house, moroccan slippers, and a 
sweet ol' wheelbarrow.

do not use this pot for turkey cooking for gosh sake!!!

as always, i wish you good hunting.  xxo

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