Monday, September 8, 2014

big fat thank you

I really want to thank all of you all who made their way out to little Bragg Creek, and come visit me at my little place in the woods.

 Friday was a blast!  A little wine, a little junk, all mixed together on  one of the last summer nights of 2014.

 The beautiful models showed up, to show off the vintage sari's.  and we're not sari!  for the pun, 
ha ha!

 some retro guy stuff

 kitschy kitchen goodness

the doors are open 

 LOVE your new necklace Cat!

 Mozart is looking good.

 The fashion was flying out da' door.

 Gold and gold is good.

 Come on in.

 Cash desk, showing off the domes, cloches, bell jars made by MOI.

 Grecian goodness

My lifelong thermos collection was up for grabs.

So, again, I appreciate you all who were able to come out, and you who couldn't make it.  Keep in mind the next sale I'm showing at is "The Christmas Market, hosted by Vintage with Flair"  November 8th, 2014.  Me and G are working on a whole new concept, so stay tuned!


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