Tuesday, November 5, 2013

bottle cap ornies

2 old soda pop bottle caps + vintage christmas light reflector = beautiful junky christmas tree ornie!

i pretty sure i invented these, i haven't seen them anywhere.  not in real life or on the interwebs so i'm pretty proud of myself, i must say.  i'll have these for purchase, at the upcoming sale this weekend at the
Vintage with Flair Christmas Market


  1. you are amazing Sue.. <3 those

  2. These remind me of some of the ornaments we had on our childhood trees. Not much money around in those days. (I`m very old) We made most of them. Popcorn strings, colored paper chains and can lids spray painted gold and snipped and crimped at the edges. They were wonderful!

  3. Oh.....and the gorgeous onionskin stars made by Aunt and Uncle that were covered over the lights. Saved for many years till they finally wore out.


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