Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more photos of the "Vintage Chicks Faire"

I had to show more photos of The Vintage Chicks Fair                

 Georgia with some of our good scoops!

Tinker Tim and buddy rockin' out some great old timey music.  Sweet

I also have to mention, Heather from "gumdrop photography and design"  She had a really neat idea for a booth.  she was taking studio style portraits of customers, all dressed up in fabulous hats and boas and stuff.  then she printed them up on super high quality paper right there. Brilliant.  Sorry I was too excited, after getting our photos taken, I forgot to get a photo of her booth. check out her website here.  gumdropphotodesign.com

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  1. Hi Sue, Laura here, one of the Vintage Chicks. Thanks so much for posting about our faire, we really appreciate it. Being a new show it's great when others help us get the word out. I'm adding your blog to our local vintage chicks list on the vintage chicks and on my personal blog, all about Pretty! I had to tell my Dad to check out your post, that's him singing with Tinker Tim, I told him he's famous now :) Let's stay in touch, I'm planning a sale in Sept in my yard in Coaldale and we'll have some of our same vendors there too. We'll be sending out email notices to everyone and blogging about it. I'm finally catching up on my sleep after going to the Farm Chicks show the weekend before our show then doing ours, I was wiped. Looking forward to getting back in to the studio to create, create, create. Have tons of ideas floating in my head and I'll burst if I don't get to them :) If you're every down my way (Coaldale) pop in for tea and have a boo thru my studio.



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