Thursday, December 3, 2015

best little country christmas market ever

the vintage with flair, christmas market
november, 2015

this is just a quick little bloogy woogy to share what a wonderful time was had by all, at the Red 
Deer Lake Community Centre last month!

the weather was perfect, the crowd was ready for Christmas (and good looking!), and the vendors revealed their Christmasy booths full of treasures and cheer.

me and g with our festive red bows.
"it costs a lot of money to look this cheap" - Dolly Parton

there were fabulous outdoor shops within retro RV's, where I might have spent some of my winnings.  (hello Seven Saints Designs)
& lots of quirky old stuff (hello Mozart).

the -sue loves junk- booth!

"wow and then" made a retro salty angel!

tartan, gas mask cases and denim- sue loves junk

sue loves junk + vintage christmas fashions = xxo


  1. Loved it.. you nailed it.. awesome weather, peeps, great finds and creations!!! Thanks so much for capturing the esscence!!

  2. Seems to get better year after year. Well done, ladies!!!


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