Wednesday, November 12, 2014

best little christmas market EVER

here's a few photos for you junkers who weren't able to make it to the world famous the Christmas Market, hosted by the Vintage With Flair, last weekend. 
it was the first time g and i tried out our  new *makers vintage supply"  concept.  and guess what?   it was a super fun success!  
so we will keep it going for sure, at the spring show at priddis.

g and i sporting sporting some of our wares

game pieces, ibm selectric font balls, ornies made from bottle caps and tin christmas light reflectors 

2 christmas trees made from industrial funnels

chimney sweep christmas trees with key chain garland and industrial pulleys,  and a one of a kind wooden insulator  tree with hand made glass drops

remember the made in japan santa mugs?  they originally had red, cold painted detail, which washed off almost immediately.  from the 1960's.  perfect for christmas morning hot chocolate and marshmallows.

we made a flag from a armed forces tent fly.

 the hand painted tree on an old window screen was one of the first things to sell,  g painted it.

the sweet "manitoba red cart"  went to a most excellent junker!

christmas junk for all!

lots of sparkly junk too

a big fat thanks to all the shoppers who came out to our little sale in the country.
and big hugs to pam and her crew who creates magic at every sale she hosts!


ps,  more photos from the show here  sue loves junk album

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  1. It all looks so wonderful. Including the vendors of this booth, I must say. Well done!!


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