Wednesday, August 27, 2014

junk haul, tofino in july

the fam jam spent a lovely few weeks on the stunning west coast of vancouver island, b.c.  we rented a house on chesterman beach, and it was the bestest.  tofino is a small coastal town at the very end of the trans canada highway.  there wasn't much for junking there, unless you count excellent beach combing

 which i do!

there was one little curiosity shop called "vargas treasures".  it was a trip!  it's owned and operated by a sweet, wee french gypsy.  sandra vargas has led quite the life, her father was a well known costume designer in montreal, she was a magicians assistant.  a real character!  her shop is tiny and packed to the brim, everything beautifully displayed, and her jewelry showcases are to die for!  the thing was, as you walked in, there is no lights, really.  she doesn't turn the lights on for whatever reason.  but she cheerily hands you your own flashlight.  hilarious.  me and g had our noses pressed against the showcases for so long, sandra finally said, my hip is too sore to bend over, why don't you help yourself!  so g, played store and carefully pulled stuff out for me and the other customers, what a hoot. needless to say we both scooped up a few things, and went back later in our trip for more.

beach junk

me and g's "tripawd" riley,  getting crabbies and shells and feathers

my head's still there...sigh

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