Sunday, September 1, 2013

garden, garden, garden

this rusty display i've installed in the meadow, it's all held together by imagination and baling wire.

the tractor grill came form my junkin' pal, pam.  of "the vintage flair" show.  it's my favourite show of the year.  small and perfect. .

here's a corner of my "mexico".  it's the best spot for coffee and cereal in the summer mornings.

the kid learned to play on this old sweetie.  it never stayed in tune.  she plays the best -out of tune- rendition of "hot cross buns"!  it's now a clunky addition to the back deck, where it's playing a sweet decaying tune.

this is a current photo of my world famous chippy dresser, turned fabulous planter,  there is a photo of this girl circling cyber space,  i always get a kick out of it when it circles back to me, and shows up on my fb page.

the cosy corner on the back deck, where blue chopin and i relax.

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