Saturday, September 14, 2013

best day, today

wowsers my dears,  what a lovely day here in the deep dark woods.  the sun was shining, alberta blue sky, all day.

today was a day of meeting a bunch of really cool fellow junkers of all types,  some "new" locals, and some from cowtown, and even a couple of travellers from helena, montana.


a couple of customers from my the olden times, when i had my funky little antique shop (the painted antler).  it was all by chance, which made it all the  more country, for sure.


i got to hold a sweet baby boy, ryan.  who was so good, letting mommy shop and he didn't cry at all.   xxo


at the end of the day,  2 gorgeous girls came up the driveway.  one, was dripping with the best turquoise & silver jewelry i've seen in a long time, and her daughter was rocking the coolest marilyn monroe t-shirt.

as it turned out, the groovy mama was raised  here, on my acreage,  how cool is that?  so we played dress up in the garage, trying on bridal veils and such, chatted.  then i took them inside the main house for the tour.  the daughter loved it all and took tons of photos, gave me a namaste and a bracelet off her wrist.  and mama just took it all in.

so back to the garage,  the youngin' asked a cute guy to take our photo, and it was sweetness all around. so i gave her the beautiful long, pearl beaded veil.  and i got the biggest hug from mama.

all this was happening with some quality tunes coming through the woods, where live bands were rocking it all day at the "heroes in the sky" fundraiser.  nice soundtrack.

we're going to be ok.


  1. What a stellar of a day.. fun.. meet ups and .. memories.. all makes success!!! xxxx

  2. OK......been trying to figure out how to get to be able to comment on this fabulous site. I think I can now. Here goes.

  3. Really enjoyed this post of your sale Sue. How fabulous is the story of the woman that was raised there and her daughter coming back. And that you gave the daughter the lovely veil. I love love love all of this story. The place has some really good karma that`s for sure. Love you!


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